Feb 25, 2015

Mutually Exclusive Goals

     I watched today's hearing before the House Social Security Subcommittee on the impending shortfall in the Social Security Disability Trust Fund. I noticed that Republican members were insistent on two points. One was that Social Security disability recipients should know that Congress won't allow their benefits to be cut. The other was that there must be no transfer of funds from the Retirement and Survivors Trust Fund to the Disability Trust Fund. However, these are mutually exclusive goals, unless we increase taxes and I don't think the Republican members will agree to that. 
     So what is the Republican plan? They're the majority party in Congress. They can't just sit back and criticize the plans that others come up with. They need a plan of their own. I look forward to reading the plan that meets both their goals.


Anonymous said...

I guess the plan is to make it easier to terminate benefits for those they believe are cheating the system. They could also make it more difficult to obtain disability benefits.

I don't like this solution but it a way for Republicans to meet the promise of no cuts in disability benefits (for the much smaller group of claimant's that would still be eligible) without transferring funds from the retirement trust fund.

This is a divide and conquer strategy. They are pitting present and future retirees against the disabled. It is despicable but I think that is the strategy.

Anonymous said...

Here's a plan that is fairly obvious...cut some other govt. program.

Anonymous said...

If you look on the Heritage Foundation webpage they have a plan.

Anonymous said...

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