Apr 2, 2015

Class Action On Social Security Debt Collection Survives Motion To Dismiss

     There's a class action pending in the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, Grice v. Colvin, on Social Security's extremely aggressive efforts to collect overpayments, many of them ancient. The Court has denied a motion to dismiss. That doesn't guarantee the plaintiffs will win but it's certainly a sign that the case isn't going away anytime soon.
     You brought this on yourselves, Social Security. What you were doing was way over the top. I've been writing about this problem since 2007! I'm surprised it took so long for the public to realize just how abusive Social Security's debt collection policies have been.
     By the way, the link I'm giving to the Court's ruling is only valid until April 8.


Anonymous said...

Has anybody out there actually read this? I finally did and all I can say is that it is extremely embarrassing. It underscores how incompetent the Agency is in processing overpayments. This has not been a secret to anyone who works for the Agency, but employees are limited in what they can say, lest they be attacked with trumped up charges (lately the tactic du jour of managment). Its about time this is being brought to light.Good luck and best of luck to the litigants. I hope Carolyn Colvin and her minions are paying attention and attempt to completely overall our overpayment procedures to make sure that the law is being followed because it is disgusting what actually goes on.

juliawatson said...

Brilliant piece of information.