Apr 13, 2015

New Listings For Children

     Social Security is adopting revised Listings used in determining disability in children for growth disorders and weight loss. This includes one of the more interesting names for a medical condition, "failure to thrive." Children are expected to thrive, that is to rapidly gain weight and height. "Failure to thrive" is an ominous condition and a challenge for a pediatrician's diagnostic skills. When they can't figure out what the specific problem is or how to cure it, disability can result.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this is usually not a disability. Many children are born less than desirable weight or are small at some point in their young childhood days. Most will have a growth spurt and be normal with in 2-3 years. Failure to thrive means that child X does not mean the height and weight parameters on a pediatric form. Nothing more or less. A child can be perfectly healthy and skinny or short.