Apr 19, 2015

Twenty Years Ago Today

     Twenty years ago today domestic terrorists bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. One hundred sixty-eight people were killed, including these sixteen Social Security employees:
  • Richard A. Allen, Claims Representative 
  • Saundra G. Avery, Development Clerk 
  • Oleta C. Biddy, Service Representative 
  • Carol L. Bowers, Operations Supervisor 
  • Sharon L. Chesnut, Claims Representative
    Katherine L Cregan, Service Representative
  • Margaret E. Goodson, Claims Representative 
  • Ethel L. Griffin, Service Representative 
  • Ronald V. Harding, Service Representative 
  • Raymond L. Johnson, Senior Community Service Volunteer
  • Derwin W. Miller, Claims Representative
  • Charlotte A. Thomas, Contact Representative
  • Michael G. Thompson, Field Representative
  • Robert N. Walker, Jr., Claims Representative 
  • Julie M. Welch, Claims Representative 
  • William S. Williams, Operations Supervisor


Anonymous said...

May their souls rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

When I'm working the reception counter and a visitor jokes about the sign warning that it is a Federal offense to harm a Federal employee I tell them that everyone in the Murrah SSA waiting room died that day. Not so funny, huh.