Apr 20, 2015

Do They Even Read Their Own Regs?

     I have no idea why they believe this to be consistent with their own recently adopted regulations but Social Security is now taking the position that claimants are not just under an obligation to inform the agency of evidence that "relates to" their disability claim but to submit such evidence, regardless of the expense or difficulty, and are to be hounded to do so.


Anonymous said...

Just another attempt to make it more difficult to gain benefits. This especially hinder non-represented claimants. Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

The rule is crystal clear: Claimant and his/her representative are only required to submit all "related" evidence obtained, favorable or unfavorable, and to inform of other "related" evidence. There is nothing in the rule which requires the claimant and/or his representative to obtain (and pay for) the evidence.