Apr 30, 2015

Early Intervention

     Social Security is seeking information for an "early intervention mental health demonstration study." The agency is only giving 17 days to respond to its request for a good deal of information, suggesting that publication of the request is a formality, that Social Security has already identified a contractor.
     I hope this works but I'd be surprised if it does. Mental health problems aren't like appendicitis. They seldom crop up suddenly. If they do, it's usually something like a bad reaction to a prescription medication, a problem that wouldn't result in a person receiving Social Security disability benefits anyway. I have seen no sign that early intervention results in better long term results than late intervention. Less suffering but not less long term disability. You must have been disabled or be predicted to be disabled for at least a year to get Social Security disability. If mental health treatment is going to give you good relief for your psychiatric condition, you're not likely to get on benefits in the first place. In fact, even if you don't get good results from mental health treatment, you're not likely to get on benefits without a lengthy fight.

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Anonymous said...

For mental illness and physical conditions. I do not believe any medication is affective 24 hours a day. Treatment for certain conditions may be affective but there is always signs or symptoms or evidence of the condition lingering.

I'm NOT a doctor.