Jul 5, 2015

Attorney Fee Payments Continue To Decline

     Through June of this year, fees paid to attorneys and some others for representing Social Security claimants totaled $561 million. This is a 5% decline from the $588 million paid during the same period last year.


Anonymous said...

Where are all my conservative brothers to allow me to charge by the hour or a 33% contingency? This is a practice in decline, soon to be dead. Just what they want.

Anonymous said...

For the past several years my experience with collection of SSD Attorney Fees has been "one month turkey" and "two months feathers." I believe that the Payment Mods are either working on the cases in my area sporadically or they are ordered as to how much they are able to pay in a given month. On many cases I have to beg to get paid. By that I mean I have to call and call and leave messages that are not returned. I recently was paid for a case that involved an attorney fee award from November 2014. I agree with the above-poster about the practice declining.

Anonymous said...

if indeed SSA charged the actual cost of handling fees - would it be better for staffing and for the reps?

read Senator Lankfort's paper released today that recommends that reps should make their own deals and collect their fees on their own.

how many SSA employees are assigned to making these payments?