Jul 16, 2015

History Of Social Security Field Offices

     As part of its observation of the Social Security's upcoming 80th birthday, the Social Security Administration has posted a video on the history of its field offices.


Anonymous said...

Was denied SSDI after 3 years ALJ remand disabled was granted SSI 2009, why did i not get my SSDI.I had enough credits plus 5 years of work credits that been added on.Was getting 733.00 from SSI now down to 359.00 i am supposed to pay 1/2 mortgage utilities car insurance and take care of 16 year old son.The system is messed up they should of asked me to be retrain 14 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Was denied SSDI after 3 years ALJ had 3 Doctors including State doctor saying i could not do same type work.I had enough work credits at this time .I tried to return to work continued to see doctors.2009 was granted SSI, was getting 733.00 a month, then they said i did not pay rent or food so they knocked me down to 359,00 a month i pay 269.00 a month supposed to pay 375.00 also pay utilities, supposed to pay car insurance cannot pay,have a 16 year old son also.The system is messed up, they should have asked me to be retrained 12 years ago.How does a person live off 359.00 a month also have 5 years of work earnings that are not on WEF ???????????.

Anonymous said...

What was your date last insured and your onset date?

Too many details missing.