Jul 7, 2015

Number Drawing Disability Benefits Continues To Decline

     After being quite slow in getting out the May disability data, Social Security has rushed out the June numbers. For the eight time in the last nine months, the number of people drawing Disability Insurance Benefits from the Social Security Administration has declined. This is not some minor anomaly. The number drawing benefits at the end of June 2015 is below what it was at the end of June 2014. No one predicted this but it's happening. Given the dramatic decrease in the number of disability claims filed, the number drawing benefits is likely to continue to decline for an extended period of time.


Max Abilify said...

Wouldn't there be a bubble of the first baby boomers born from 1945 to 1949 aging off disability benefits at full retirement age over the past several years? That would account for some drop off in disability numbers.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the overall population of the U.S. continuing to swell rapidly?

Anonymous said...

just talked to a woman last night from Greece NY who was on permanent SSD for 3 years and she says she was abruptly and with out warning or correspondence dropped from the benefits rolls. Now she is back with her attorney trying to figure out how SSD can do something like this. anyone else see a pattern developing yet with the decreasing beneficiary rolls ?