Jul 20, 2015

OIG Report On Fees Paid For Representing Claimants

     Social Security's Office of Inspector General (OIG) has issued a report on payments to attorneys and others who represent Social Security claimants. The report doesn't suggest that anything should be changed. I'm not sure why the report was produced. I'd guess that it was to satisfy someone on Capitol Hill. Anyway, here are three graphics from the report:


Anonymous said...

Who's the California firm--I thought Binder was based in NY.

Anonymous said...

On the same page as the first graph, just before the graph:
"Allowance rates and dispositions on claimant cases have decreased in recent years, as have direct payments. Allowance rates on initial claims have dropped 3 percent since Fiscal Year
2010, while dispositional allowance rates on hearing claims have dropped approximately 33 percent. Moreover, initial disability processed claims fell about 9.5 percent over the same 5-year period,
while hearing dispositions decreased by approximately 7.7 percent."

So SSA is confirming the decreased pay rate for claimants, as well as the slower pace of processing claims.

Anonymous said...

umm, I guess if you look at it that way SSA has been "confirming" these things since they've been happening since it freely shares the data in basically real time.