Jul 29, 2015

Motion Filed To Stop Hearings For Former Clients Of Eric Conn

     From WYMT:
He calls it a "planned assault" on nearly 1,500 people.
Attorney Ned Pillersdorf said a motion to stop social security benefit hearings was submitted to a federal judge.
The S.S.A. is reviewing benefits rewarded to disability attorney Eric C. Conn's clients. ...
Hearings are expected to being in September and will likely take months to finish.
     This is all I know, folks.

     Update: Pillersdorf has posted the pleadings on his firm's Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

Apparently Mr. Pillersdorf has a Facebook page, on which he is continuously posting information about his pending cases against Conn. Besides acting pretty atrociously for an attorney (he pretty much hurls insults at a fellow bar member daily - ver unprofessional and seems unethical), he claims that SSA's "orders from on high" are to get these hearings done before the end of the year.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Pillersdorf practices emotional law...not actual law, at least that is my experience.