Sep 17, 2015

Hearings Begin Today For Eric Conn's Former Clients

     From WYMT in Kentucky:
Starting Thursday, as many as 1,787 people in our region who receive federal disability benefits will be required to participate in hearings to redetermine their eligibility.
They were represented by Floyd County lawyer Eric C. Conn, who Congressional investigators believe used fraudulent information to help secure the benefits. ...
Matty Slone has received disability benefits since a spine condition forced him to stop working seven years ago.
Slone, who lives in the Betsy Layne community of Floyd County, received a letter from the Social Security Administration mandating he attend a hearing Oct. 8 to determine whether the financial assistance will continue.
"My heart beats really fast, the nerves, the stress ...I go to bed crying every night," Slone said. "I've got so much riding on my back with this."
Slone said he would have "no hope" if his benefits are taken away. 
Lawyers for the hundreds of people who had their benefits temporarily suspended earlier this year have sued the SSA, asking a federal judge to stop the hearings.
There's no timetable for the judge's decision. ...


Anonymous said...

Why is it that the disabled always have to keep on paying for the mistakes of others? Or that the social security administration is so swilling to go after those that have the least or is able to do the least? One would think that people in our government would have their fellow citizen's back. It should never be so easy for any govt agency or anyone of its employees to pick on or target those who are the most vulnerable!

Anonymous said...

"no time table" - I find that written statement or words similar in several subsections of SSD law books to be the most archaic cruel in humane and unconstitutional pile of words put together I have ever seen.