Sep 10, 2015

Number Drawing Disability Benefits Continues To Decline

     The number of people drawing Social Security disability benefits declined in August. This number has declined in ten of the last eleven months.


Anonymous said...

This chart scares the beejesus out of people, rightfully so. No amount of sugarcoating will hide that it is a flawed program out of control. Doubling amount in 15 years, many of them prosperous economic times?

Anonymous said...

Huh? The 6:25 9/10 comment overlooks the overwhelming, SSA-testified-to evidence that the "doubling" was due to boomer bulge reaching its "prime" disability-prone years plus the huge trend of work-record-eligible boomer women surging into the workforce in the 1980s and 90s. "Prosperous times" or not, as the law states, has nothing to do with it. That it's leveling off is, demographically, perfectly predictable. 6:25 sounds healthy; so stop trolling and get a life.