Sep 6, 2015

Patent Applied For

A computerized system and method for determining eligibility for social security disability insurance benefits (SSDI) through a computer network. The network provides access to State databases containing information relating to persons receiving treatment for developmental disabilities and/or mental illness from a State licensed care facility and Federal Social Security records containing information relating to person's status of SSDI benefits and parental/marital information relating to person's eligibility of SSDI benefits. The system and method is programmed to automatically determine who is potentially eligible for SSDI benefits and determine those who are eligible for SSDI benefits based on the information identified within the State and Federal databases. Moreover, the computerized system and method may also automatically identify lump sum payments paid out on behalf of at least one person who is/are receiving treatment for disabilities and/or mental illness from a State licensed care facility.


Anonymous said...

The proposed system seems designed to benefit the states. As with all such things, especially when you have hackers breaking into government databases, you have to worry a bit about over-dissemination of that kind of protected information.

Anonymous said...

Take it from Major League Baseball Umpires, anything that threatens the viability of actual human workers doesn't go down easy. Although some of the actual workers might go down easy but I digress.

Lance Koontz said...

The SSA is actually going to trust a computer system they spent $300 million
on that STILL don't work ?

Between computer website hacking and computer system crashes and system glitches
The SSA is mentally retarded to even consider it.

Remember a computer can't think for it's self.................


Anonymous said...

Seems like a lot of PII would have to be made available to this patent holder. Surely SSA wouldn't allow a private company access to its PII with identifying info, given all the hacking that's already occurred. This sounds complicated and multi-factorial, requiring release of names, rank and serial number and a whole lot more -- not like a checklist of bank accounts for SSI interfaces.