Sep 7, 2015

Off Topic: Spooky

     I got a call from a telemarketer yesterday. Nothing unusual about that other than it was Sunday, but, still, that's not all that unusual these days. The "do not call" registry is a joke. The unusual thing was that the caller asked for my mother, by name. My mother doesn't live with me. She died in 1979.


Anonymous said...

Creepy.Get caller ID. I never answer if i don't know the #.They still call, but rarely leave a message--except for a couple of my elected representatives and recorded dunning messages for a person of whom I have never heard. Tried calling the latter back a couple times and they assured me they would take my # of their list, but they still call and I delete their message.

Anonymous said...

I still occasionally get mail for the deceased father of my former housemate. He never lived with me, in fact he never lived in the state. He died in 1994. My roommate moved out in 1995. I started getting his mail in about 2000.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend that owns a stucco company and he hires a lot of Mexicans, and I asked him how many are illegals. He tells me half of them, He tells me, one of them used 3 Social Security Numbers until he got it right, the first one was from a women that died in 1998. So Charles maybe some Mexican is using your mother SS number.