Sep 3, 2015

NCSSMA Newsletter

     The National Council of Social Security Management Associations (NCSSMA), an organization of Social Security management personnel has issued its September 2015 newsletter. The newsletter lists NCSSMA's legislative proposals:
  1. Eliminate SSI Dedicated Accounts
  2. Eliminate the SSI Holding Out Provisions among Couple 
  3. Streamline Worker’s Compensation Offset
     No, I don't know how they want to streamline the workers compensation offset.


Anonymous said...

Thats because you dont live in a reverse offset state.
They get it wrong all the time and it holds up processing the claim for MONTHS.
It often causes them to fail to withhold the attorney fee.

Anonymous said...

Amen on the holding out and dedicated accounts. Probably too much to hope for though.

Anonymous said...

Concerning holding out - because marriage has be redefined, the previous reasons for when to check into holding out must be expanded. Let's just consider one of the benefits of living with other adults (same sex or opposite sex) is the that such arrangements enable someone to live less expensively than if they lived alone. This fits neatly with the financial support received in a household and/or others and the SSI concept of supplementing that support. Or, should we just change the concept that SSI is a supplemental income program based on financial need in specific categories of eligibility?