Jul 29, 2016

Mind Boggling

     There's a report out that AARP, which bills itself as Social Security's most ardent supporter, is helping fund the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a sinister far right group which has long advocated privatization of Social Security.


Anonymous said...

Here's the thing about older people (generally), Charles. They are wealthier than younger people. So, aside from social programs that benefit them, they suffer from the same selfishness that all humans do. Thus, they largely support some terrible policy because they have money and would like to keep it. It's pretty simple.

Anonymous said...

If people only knew the huge role ALEC has played in folks getting screwed out of any of their benefits plus the damage ALEC has done to take away and lower wages and all or any other benefits owed to them.
You are so right abut ALEC being sinister. It is unbelievable that the AARP would hang with or remotely have anything to do with ALEC.
Like many groups anymore,the AARP isn't what it is when it first started. It is for it's own existence.

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone who sees this will sign the anti ALEC petition.

Margaret Kibbee said...

First, let's make sure they support ALEC. Then let's push to have that support withdraw. Some big time corporations have withdrawn their support when the light was turned on as to what all they were supporting such as Wal-Mart.