Jul 10, 2016

Read Charles Binder's Employment Contract With Binder And Binder

     For those interested in learning what's going on in the Binder and Binder bankruptcy, take a look at this objection filed by Charles Binder. It's hard to follow but attached to it are copies of contracts that Charles Binder had with Binder & Binder – The National Social Security Disability Advocates (NY), LLC which may be of more interest. By the way, the link I'm giving will only be good until July 15 so download it while you can!


Anonymous said...

link doesn't work

Anonymous said...

$450k per year, plus $100k bonus in first year and $200k bonus in 2nd and 3rd years, plus additional bonus at the discretion of board.

$1,850,000 PLUS discretionary bonus for 3 years. Good work if you can get it. Wonder how many claimant's reps will come on here crying poverty?