Jul 2, 2016

Rep Payee Mess In Richmond

     From the Richmond Times-Dispatch:
Hundreds of seniors and disabled Social Security recipients flocked to the federal agency’s West Cary Street office on Friday for their monthly checks after a Richmond-based payee service suddenly closed, leaving many without access to their accounts.
Crossroads Inc. is a payee service that accepts Social Security checks and manages the money on behalf of clients who are unable to do so themselves.
For a small fee, the company is supposed to handle rent and other bills for its clients and budget any remaining money throughout the month.
But the Social Security Administration said it received notice on June 23 that Crossroads, located at 6800 Everglades Drive in South Richmond, had closed.
A phone recording at the service told clients to collect their monthly checks from the Social Security Administration office on West Cary Street on Friday.
Some of those waiting in line — many said they had waited more than three hours as the line wrapped around the building much of the morning — said the company still had their money from previous checks and that they had been told their accounts with Crossroads had been drained. ...
Henrico police said they are investigating allegations against the company along with other jurisdictions. ...

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Anonymous said...

WHAT a ugly 4th for these folks.