Sep 1, 2016

Attorneys Responding To A Crisis

     Many attorneys from around the country responded to the call from AppalReD Legal Aid to help the former clients of Eric Conn who have found themselves faced with the challenge of proving all over again that they are disabled.  AppalReD has provided the following list of the attorneys who have helping these claimants.

     There's one other name that was inadvertently omitted from the list above, Christopher Bush of Kentucky. Also, it's Daniel Smith, not Danny Smith.


Anonymous said...

Salute to everyone who stepped up to help in a difficult situation. You usually only hear the bad news. It's refreshing to hear about people doing good for people in need.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see if there's a due process challenge to the agency's action on behalf of the claimants. Section 205(u) requires that SSA *immediately* redetermine the an individual's entitlement to benefits if there is reason to believe that fraud or similar fault was involved in the application of those benefits. Instead of acting "immediately," the agency waited years - even after the WSJ provided ample reason to believe that fraud might be involved.

Anonymous said...

Love the headline for this posting "Attorneys Responding To A Crisis"

What could possibly go wrong???