Sep 23, 2016

New Schizophrenia Listing

     From the new mental impairment Listings:
12.03 Schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders (see 12.00B2), satisfied by A and B, or A and C: 
     A. Medical documentation of one or more of the following: 
          1. Delusions or hallucinations; 
          2. Disorganized thinking (speech); or 
          3. Grossly disorganized behavior or catatonia. 
     B. Extreme limitation of one, or marked limitation of two, of the following areas of mental functioning (see 12.00F): 
         1. Understand, remember, or apply information (see 12.00E1). 
         2. Interact with others (see 12.00E2). 
         3. Concentrate, persist, or maintain pace (see 12.00E3). 
         4. Adapt or manage oneself (see 12.00E4). OR 
     C. Your mental disorder in this listing category is “serious and persistent;” that is, you have a medically documented history of the existence of the disorder over a period of at least 2 years, and there is evidence of both: 
         1. Medical treatment, mental health therapy, psychosocial support(s), or a highly structured setting(s) that is ongoing and that diminishes the symptoms and signs of your mental disorder (see 12.00G2b); and 
        2. Marginal adjustment, that is, you have minimal capacity to adapt to changes in your environment or to demands that are not already part of your daily life (see 12.00G2c) .

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