Sep 30, 2016

More Immigration Enforcement Problems

     Social Security is denying retirement benefits to a man who was born in Canada even though he served in the U.S. Army and his father is a U.S. citizen. The man worked in the U.S. for 48 years. 
     Sounds like where Ted Cruz may be in a few years -- although Cruz never served in the Army.


Anonymous said...

Wow. It's hard for me to reconcile him knowing he wasn't born in the US yet somehow believing he was a citizen. I got my card in 1968, I'd love to see the SS-5 and see what it says. As for serving in the Army, my dad was drafted during Korea and all he was was a legal immigrant. Citizenship not required to serve. I think he has bigger problems than Social Security and hope he doesn't plan to travel outside the US nor renew his drivers license in a REAL ID compliant state. This likely also means he's been committing voter fraud :)

Anonymous said...

Claim should not be denied but approved and suspended until he proves he is a US citizen or a permanent resident. Rules are the same for everyone, whether they served in the military or not.

Gene Korpita said...

I believe if you serve in the military of the U.S., you should become a citizen automatically.