Sep 7, 2016

Not Happy About Being Number One

      From WSOC-TV:
Thousands of people nationwide seeking disability assistance are waiting months, or even years, for Social Security to hear their cases.

The Charlotte review office has the biggest backlog of all the 170 offices across the nation.
The latest numbers show that Charlotte has 14,456 pending cases. People wait an average of 622 days for their appeals to be heard, almost 100 days more than the national average.
Randy van Hoosan's wife has multiple sclerosis and said that four years ago she realized she couldn't work anymore.
When she applied for disability, she was denied. He said she appealed in October 2014, but almost two years later she's still waiting for her appeal to be heard.
The couple filed bankruptcy in December. They said they lost their house, a car and "just live day to day." ...
They contacted U.S. Sen. Richard Burr's office and got a letter back last month, saying they should expect to wait another 18 to 24 month. ...


Anonymous said...

About 90% of my practice has been in the Charlotte ODAR. I've been monitoring several statistics involving my caseload for years, and since 2010, over 50% of my clients have lost their homes to foreclosure. Many more have suffered summary ejectment (eviction) from various rental properties. Until 2014, my win rate was 85% +/- 5% in any given year. This indicates that the long wait times with SSDI are causing tremendous suffering for truly disabled people and have permanent effects on their lives.

Anonymous said...

Maybe now that the prior president of the ALJ union is back having to spend 100% of his time doing ALJ work instead of 80% union work, things will improve.

Anonymous said...


Willing to suck up to all those benefits only acquired because of the AALJ without paying any of the dues and disparaging them every time you can. No doubt ODAR management loves you. Plus, I'll bet you're an outlier denier ALJ.