Apr 3, 2019

Acting Commissioner's Budget

     The President has submitted to Congress his proposed budget for Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 but since the Social Security Administration became an independent agency the Social Security Commissioner has been required to submit his or her own proposed budget for the agency. I'm almost surprised that the Acting Commissioner could work up the gumption to request anything beyond what the President has proposed but she has. Buried at the very end of the President's budget is the Acting Commissioner's proposed budget. She proposes $13.48 billion, about half a billion more than the President requested.
     Of course, by the time there is any serious consideration of Social Security's operating budget, there may be a confirmed  Commissioner whose opinions might be of some modest consequence.

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Anonymous said...

The Acting Commissioner is a lame duck and has been for a while now. Her proposed budget is mere fodder at this point.