Apr 6, 2019

More Disability Recipients Returning To Work?

     Scott Horsley at National Public Radio is looking for stories of people who have gone back to work after being on Social Security disability benefits. He thinks that an increasing number are going back to work. I don't think that's accurate.


Anonymous said...

Argument in search of its own justification.

If you've ever heard the flat-out attacks Planet Money has made on disability programs (and most social programs as a whole, like unemployment and food stamps), you'll know NPR is not as liberal as you'd imagine.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I trust NPR to get anything about the Social Security Disability programs right. It's sins when reporting on this topic are well documented here.

An reasonably unbiased and skilled reporter (an increasing rare creature, nearing extinction) would, after due diligence, discover the truths those who read this blog mostly already know. Most people who try to return to work after getting SSD benefits fail on discovering that they cannot sustain it. Very few succeed because, surprise surprise, the disability standard is quite strict and they are quite disabled. Even those fortunate few who succeed (a percentage in the low single digits of all disability recipients) are sometimes so confused by the complex work incentive rules that, despite their best intentions, they are charged with benefit overpayments which cause them great anxiety and hardship.

Anonymous said...

Working for the agency, I would agree this is true. Within the last 6-12 months there has been an uptick in claimants returning to work.

I'm listening to people say they have found an employer who is willing to give them reasonable accomodations for the position and along with physical or mental health therapy and medication they are able to return to gainful employment.

I think it also helps that many previously minimum wage, low skilled jobs are now fetching $12+ per hour.

Anonymous said...

There has been a small increase in the number of DI terminations for work over SGA, but it pales in comparisons to terminations for dying or reaching full retirement age.

Less than 0.6% of DI disabled worker beneficiaries were terminated for work last year, and if prior years are any indication many of them will wind up reinstated during the EPE, or reapplying later on.

Anonymous said...

Unemployment is at the lowest rate in 40 years and filings are down and dismissals are up. Hmmmmm, but they aren't working?