Aug 2, 2013

Information Sharing Missions Which Support Homeland Security?

     Social Security is advertising two Intelligence Operations Specialist jobs in Woodlawn, MD. According to USAJobs:
This position [actually positions] is located in the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Budget, Finance and Management (DCBFM), Office of Security and Emergency Preparedness (OSEP), Office of Emergency Preparedness (OEP). Once selected for this important position at SSA, the incumbent will serve as an Intelligent Operations Specialist responsible for complex assignments involving defensive counterintelligence (CI) and information coordination with a broad set of Communities of Interest (COIs) to establish and maintain SSA's defensive CI operations, collaboration, and intelligence and information sharing missions which support homeland security.
     Social Security certainly needs defensive counterintelligence to protect its data but the "information sharing missions which support homeland security" part concerns me. Just how much data is Social Security sharing with homeland security? For that matter, is anything being shared with NSA?


Anonymous said...

I don't know how much is currently being shared, but if you sign up for a government sponsored program, you have Invariably relinquished your right to privacy. You really can't ask for government help, give them your personal information, and expect to be immune to the gov't "sharing" your info. In fact, in some cases, it ptobably is "shared" enough. Social Security, DHS, Immigration, IRS, the VA should all have some form of "shared" database.

Anonymous said...

Not much. Privacy Act still controls. This is about sharing information about cybersecurity attacks.

Anonymous said...

I found the job listing last night while looking for a federal job. That they would put it so plainly was suprising to me.

@7:15, it's not an all in or all out system. VA medical to SS medicial I can see. SS earnings to IRS, ok. A lot of other sharing I do beleive should be blocked under the privacy act.