Aug 20, 2013

SDM Works Great But It Must Die?

     From a report by Social Security's Office of Inspector General (OIG):
Our review of 3,900 sample cases from the SDM [Single Decision Maker] prototype, SDM II and Non-SDM sites showed initial claim processing times were shorter in SDM sites than in the Non-SDM sites.
The 20 pilot sites, as well as the National Association of Disability Examiners and the National Council of Disability Determination Directors, provided feedback on the SDM model. These entities noted improved public service, DDS case processing times, and employee morale.
We noted evidence of SDM-user positive feedback and decreased case processing times for initial disability claims with the use of SDM. However, based on SSA studies showing higher initial and overall (after all appeals) disability allowance rates with the use of SDM, the Office of the Chief Actuary (OCACT) estimated significant program benefit savings to the Trust and General Funds with the gradual termination of the SDM pilot.
     I guess it makes sense to eliminate SDM if reducing benefit payments is your main goal but I thought that making fair decisions promptly was supposed to be the main goal.

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Anonymous said...

Article III Federal judges say we have to have an MD or PhD to do an RFC - that SDMs do not count.