Aug 21, 2013

The Universal Identifier

     From WHEC in Rochester, NY:
I-Team 10 has a warning of how important it is to protect your identity. The problem happens to millions of Americans.

In this case, the woman didn't do anything wrong. It was the federal government that gave her social security number away and since then, it's been a nightmare.

Her name is Jennifer Lavigne and her nightmare started when she was 10-years-old. That's when the Social Security Administration mistakenly gave her social security number to a woman in Florida with the exact same name. To this day, the Rochester Jennifer is getting hounded for debts racked up by Florida Jennifer.

Jennifer Lavigne said, “I did not like to open the mail because I'd get summons for, you owe this amount and we need to get it by this date.”

The problems started when Jennifer Lavigne got to college. Suddenly, her student loan got canceled and her credit was so bad she couldn't get a new one. She couldn't get a credit card or a car.

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