Aug 25, 2013

Now That's What I'm Talking About!


Anonymous said...

And the wheels on the bus go round and round all through the town.

Anonymous said...

Nice little vid.

I wonder how many people realize how great the current threats against Social Security are.

It appears massive lobbying efforts by senior advocacy groups large and small- all the way down to grass-roots efforts by thousands of Americans- all of this is being ignored by Obama and many in Congress.

The President WANTS to cut Social Security and it looks like he will try to offer Chained CPI or other cuts to S.S. to "replace the Sequester". Obamacare, the CR and the Debt Ceiling are all chances for republicans to "force" the President into Social Security concessions this fall.

The crux of the Social Security problem is that the feds have borrowed every dime of the $2.8 trillion trust fund- and will try every dirty trick in the book to avoid paying this money back.

With baby boomer retirements already under way, the well-forecast shortfalls are now occurring. What the President and and Congress will try to do is cut Social Security payments to current and future retirees so that these shortfalls end. In this scenario, money into the system equals money out, and the $2.8 trillion is never repaid. That is the feds goal, and we must stop this fraud from happening. The idea that Social Security be cut while the massive trust fund is outstanding to the workers and retirees of America is absurd- and CRIMINAL.

Most of us are realizing that the federal gov't has come under increasing corrupting influence by big-moneyed interests extending through Congress and all the way to the president. The fight for Social Security is now literally the one-percent against the 99%.

As we head into the fall and see chaos on the increase, one very important point to always keep in mind is this:


The president and Congress believe that they can force changes to S.S. and Medicare though trickery and deception, and that not only is it true that we can't do anything about it, but also that we won't do anything about it, i.e. no revolt or rioting.

I believe that efforts to convince the President to give up his desire to cut S.S. are failing. Pelosi is on board with Chained CPI and Reid looks weak.

IMHO only organized mass action by the public can stop this. What I mean includes recruiting many thousands pf people willing to travel to Wasingon to occupy the Capital Hill/White House/mall areas. We need to strike fear into the hearts of Social Security's enemies and this is a way, a necessary way, to accomplish this.

We have to do more organizing, through Social Media, TV commercials etc.