Jul 15, 2014

Common Sense

     Rebecca Vallas on The Zero Hour talks some common sense about Social Security disability.


Anonymous said...

Under the topic of common sense,i emailed SSA through their website two weeks ago. Received reply today and the response was generic uselessness.

If SSA still need federal savings,i suggest eliminating the EMAIL RESPONSE department.

Anonymous said...

It's part of the move to make gov't more like business. When my TV box went out I checked the website, tried the steps there it didn't work. So I select chat. The person asks me to do the steps from the website. No dice so that's too sophisticated for the chat tech help. So then I have to call tech support hotline. They won't even deal with me unless I go through those same steps again first. Then finally a new step is added. Doesn't work. Get transferred, the person wants me to do all the self-help stuff again. I refuse. They give me the super secret step, it doesn't work either. Six hours in they conclude it is broken.

That's what's coming for government. Fend you off with canned responses to weed out the few who can't self-help AND are determined enough to get an answer. It's cost saving.

Anonymous said...

I listened to the Vallas talk, which was well done. It debunks a lot of the politically driven misinformation that some in Congress are slinging around.

Anonymous said...

Social Security Disabilty and common sense just do not go together...at all!