Jul 26, 2014

Give Social Security Your Ideas

     From a page posted in the Internet by Social Security this past week:
We are very excited to inform you that Social Security has established a National Disability Coalition.  The National Disability Coalition provides an opportunity for all interested stakeholders to share their unique insights on topics of particular interest to Social Security early in the process and directly with policy makers.  Further, it provides an opportunity for stakeholders to hear from one another.
We feel that engaging interested parties through the National Disability Coalition can help us capture innovative ideas – ensuring that our vision for the disability program continues to keep pace with advances in medicine, technology, health care delivery, and the modern workplace.  To learn more about the Disability Coalition, visit us at http://www.socialsecurity.gov/ndc/index.htm
As a first step in the National Disability Coalition, we are inviting you to participate in an online comment forum on the Disability Decision Process.  The online forum is now open for public ideas and comments via IdeaScale through August 15, 2014. ...
To participate in the online forum and submit your ideas and comments, you must register at the site.  Although we will consider all the ideas and comments we receive, we will not respond to them.  Since we will moderate the ideas and comments we receive during regular business hours, your ideas and comments may not be viewable immediately.  Include only information you wish to make publicly available.  Please do not include any personal information, such as Social Security numbers or medical information.

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