Jul 2, 2014

The Blame Game Has Started And The Obama Administration Is Losing

     From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Cut services, close offices and eliminate government jobs.
That's been the Republican Party's battle cry for decades, but when it comes to the Social Security Administration, it's the Obama administration that's doing all the above.
For more than a year now, the Social Security Administration has rather quietly been trying to shift the public from obtaining walk-in services at its field offices to the Internet.
     There's no question about why Social Security has cut back on service. Republicans in Congress are blocking adequate operating funds for the agency. But look who's getting the blame -- the Obama Administration. Who should the Obama Administration blame for this unfairness? Themselves for not screaming bloody murder about Social Security's inadequate operating budgets. The blame game has started and Republicans are ahead.


Anonymous said...

I'm watching cnn right now discussing illegal immagration busing to california. Wait until reform is passed and some of these folks become entitled to SSA disablity or other benefits.

I am in favor of the dream act but
this is crazy and this country is basically broke with few jobs.

Witold Skwierczynski said...

The Obama administration should be submitting budgets for the Social Security Administration's administrative budget that preserve the current field offices and that increase rather than decrease services to an increasing claimant and beneficiary population. SSA provide critical service to the public. Everyone is not online savvy. People need experts to assist them in filing claims and helping them make the best decisions regarding their pension needs. The Obama administration needs to get aggressive in demanding sufficient staffing for SSA offices and for providing services that the public needs and demands.

Anonymous said...


The administration did request such a budget but House Republicans said no.