Jul 3, 2014

Rubio Complaints About Distance That Claimants Have To Travel

     Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) is demanding to know why some of his constituents have to travel so far for Social Security hearings.


Anonymous said...

Comparing the stats between Jacksonville and Orlando, it's no wonder the attorneys behind the original story wanted the cases in Orlando. I'm sure the complaints wouldn't have come up if Jacksonville had a higher pay rate.

Rubio should be asking Colvin to explain how an ALJ can only approve 15% of decisions made.

Anonymous said...

Answer for Sen. Rubio: Because your political party would not agree to adequately fund SSA over the past several years, resulting in a sharp decline of agency staff.

Anonymous said...

Not really sure if I understand the issue. I thought a claimant could always object to a VTC. However, this may cause them to travel to an ODAR for an in-person hearing.

This seems like some attorneys objecting to VTCs if they do not like an ALJ. This unfortunately happens.

Do not have much sympathy. Here in California, claimants sometimes travel 2-3 hours for hearings even if a VTC.