Jul 28, 2014

Something To Keep In Mind When You Review The Social Security Trustees Report


Mike B. said...

OASDI depletion (combined OAS and DI Trust Funds, which I think is what's in the table) still at 2033 in the 2014 Report. DI alone still at 2016 in the new report.

Anonymous said...

There is a column missing which is the number of years until depletion. It's a good thing for the folks who do the projections that the target year is relatively stable give or take 5 years.


in 1999 we thought OASDI trust fund depletion would happen in 35 years (2034). This year we project basically the same date of depletion but it is only 20 years away.

Anonymous said...

The trust fund is depleted now.
How are monies taken out of the fund, through liquidating pre-funded investments or borrowing new money?
Don Levit