Jul 23, 2014

West Palm Beach Employees Suing Building Owner

     The bizarre West Palm Beach saga continues. From the local television station:
Almost two dozen employees of the West Palm Beach Social Security Administration’s office are suing the building’s owner.
CBS 12 News has obtained a copy of a lawsuit filed last year in which 22 employees and a security guard claim the building made them sick.
As CBS-12 News was first to report, staff at the West Palm Beach SSA branch are being dispatched to other SSA offices as the agency looks for a new building to house their operation.
The move stems from what the SSA alleges are problems with the building which is leased to the government by Carnegie Management and Development Corporation.
In the 118 page complaint filed last year, the staff members allege the building had substantial water leaks causing extensive water intrusion; that in 2009, mold, mildew and fungus were discovered inside the building; and that staffers suffered damages including mental pain and suffering, permanent injury and loss of earnings.
Carnegie Management and Development CEO Dr. Rustom Khouri says the claims are absolutely bogus.

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