Aug 10, 2018

Eviction Of Unions Causes Problems For Social Security Employees

     Ailsa Change of National Public Radio reports on the problems caused by Social Security's evictions of unions from its premises.


Anonymous said...

That article said kicking unions out benefits no one least of all the tax payer. Social security is only second to the dept of defense in realty. There are thousands of social security offices. I don't know if all of them have union space but many do. That's got to be tens of millions of dollars in space freed up. The idea that the tax payer saves no money is preposterous. Unions have their advantages but as long as people spew nonsense instead of rationale arguments no one will care.

Anonymous said...

The union space was within SSA offices. Given that most offices are understaffed, space is really not an issue.

The vacated space cannot just be rented out because there are confidentiality issues with having non-SSA people walking through the back offices to get to their rented space. So I don't see how it will save on square footage costs. Office supplies and utilities, yes.

The only other option would be to consolidate the empty space to one ares within each office, wall it off and make it a separate suite completely. But that would require remodeling expenses.