Dec 25, 2008

Competing SSI State Subsidy Cut Proposals In California

Looks like hard times are coming for SSI recipients in California. According to the Sacramento Bee, the Republicans, the Democrats and the governor all want to cut the state SSI supplement to help meet a huge budget deficit. Each has a plan. The Democrats want to cut the supplement by $656 million. The Republicans want to cut twice as much, $1.3 billion. Governor Swartznegger wants to cut the supplement by $1.4 billion.


Anonymous said...

Looks like hard times for everyone and none of those plans get you to 40 billion.

Plus I wonder if the cuts are really cuts or just reductions in the increase, since that's what the media normally calls a cut.

Anonymous said...

Cuts upon the poor but the wealthy thrive.Can any lawyer explain this rationale?