Feb 17, 2011

44% Of Social Security Beneficiaries Think It's Already Privatized

There was a town hall meeting at which a constituent told his Congressman to "keep you government hands off my Medicare." It turns out that many feel the same way about Social Security. 44% of Social Security recipients report that they have not used a government social program.


Anonymous said...

It is not as surprising a figure as you would first think. People think of a social program as welfare-related. But people believe that they earned Social Security and Medicare.

Anonymous said...

That was the beauty of the Tea Party strategy for the right wingers. Voter appeal for Mr. & Mrs. Joe Sixpack (young and old). Until they realize that they are going to get screwed too.

I simply must say it again:

Anyone, ANYONE, who makes less than $250K a year (single or married)is a self-defeating idiot if they vote republican.