Feb 16, 2011

Binder & Binder Wins Trademark Suit

From the American Bar Association Journal:

The law firm Binder & Binder has been awarded $292,000 in a trademark infringement suit against a competitor that paid Google to have its ad appear when people searched for the Binder name.

U.S. District Judge George King of the Central District of California ruled that the Disability Group Inc. had violated the Binder law firm’s registered trademark, and had engaged in false advertising and unfair competition.

The ABA Journal got one thing wrong. The Binder & Binder entities that won this case are not law firms.


Anonymous said...

Any former Binder attorney or paralegal would appreciate Footnote 1:

"Although it is true that Mr. Binder testified that there was a merger, Mr. Binder's incorrect opinion about the law does not control."

(It's unclear whether this refers to Harry or Charles.)

Then there's this interesting statistic about Binder's average per case fee nationwide during the period at issue: $3,606.69.

Unknown said...

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