Feb 7, 2011

Disguised Unemployment?

The Courier-Post, a New Jersey newspaper, is running an article about the increased number of people who have filed claims for Social Security disability benefits after being laid off their jobs. There are many people who managed to barely hang onto their jobs when the economy was booming. Although their work performance was substandard and they missed many days due to illness, their employers did not fire them -- until economic times got tough. There are concerns that Social Security disability benefits not disguise the rate of unemployment by putting such individuals on benefits but the reality on the ground is much more complicated as this article demonstrates.


Anonymous said...

"barely hang onto their jobs when the economy was booming"

I agree.

Anonymous said...

I see that the residents of New Jersey who see fit to comment at the paper's website are no more intelligent, thoughtful, or compassionate toward people with disabilities than those in my region of the country (and I thought the commenters at my paper's website were despicable).

Anonymous said...

Since when is Social Security disability sucking at the gubment udder? People love to confuse SSI and Social Security, and I know those FICA monies coming out of my checks are not so I can get "welfare" if I become disabled. I see older workers applying for RIB and SSDI, since the jobs have been shipped to China, India and elsewhere. Now if they want to do reforms for aged aliens that have never worked here that get SSI money and "free" Medicare courtesy of working folks, I will be happy to sign up to support the end to that sucking of the US taxpayers for the entire world where you don't have to pay one dime in!