Feb 5, 2011

Biggs Taking A Bizarre Turn

Andrew Biggs, the former Social Security Deputy Commissioner during the Bush Administration who may be the biggest promoter of Social Security privatization, now thinks that privatizing Social Security just might be unconstitutional.


Nancy Ortiz said...

What? Biggs recants? I can't believe he means what he is saying here. Wait a minute. Thinking...I know what he will propose next--A constitutional amendment to make it legal to privatize SS! But, wait, wouldn't that make it legal to have an individual mandate too? Arrrggghhh. Curses, foiled again. heh heh

Anonymous said...

I don't think he is changing his position at all. Instead, he addresses an argument someone else raises and concludes "I don’t think it has direct bearing on the legal issues that the courts are currently wrestling with."