Oct 30, 2013

Charlie Binder Has More To Say In Response To Sixty Minutes

     Charlie Binder has more to say in response to the Sixty Minutes piece although that may not be apparent until the last paragraph.


Anonymous said...

Very well written.

Anonymous said...

Except that his firm has a habit of dropping clients right before hearing if the case does not look promising so they can keep their statistics looking good. His firm is also alleged to withhold medical evidence that is unfavorable to his clients. His firm also places considerable weight on assessment forms that contain questions most doctors cannot reliably answer and where the answers are likely just a recitation of what the patient reports. He is not the innocent, caring guy he pretends to be.

Anonymous said...

Best line in the letter:

Unlike many of the recent Social Security Administration appointees who have spent their entire career working for a government agency, he had been an active single practitioner. He had represented clients in court, met a payroll, had listened to hundreds if not thousands of clients tell him their stories about their problems.