Oct 3, 2013

Chained CPI Becomes Part Of Shutdown Discussions

     Some Republicans think they can get chained CPI which would cut the Cost Of Living Adjustment (COLA) for Social Security recipients as part of a grand bargain to settle the government shutdown and the debt ceiling. I'll believe there is some real chance of this happening when I hear Republicans talking about tax increases.


Anonymous said...

When it comes to Social Secirity, this president a b s o l u t e l y can not be trusted. Not only has he no party loyalty, he has none for Social Security.
That means he personally concedes NOTHING when he agrees to Chained CPI. Any grand bargain is a win- win for Obama since he WANTS to cut Social Security.

I've always been very leary that Obama will break his major promise that any "entitlement" cuts MUST be accompanied by tax increases. Its possible he will use the current impasse to cut S.S. in a one-sided grand bargain.

Two things to remember about Obama:

1. HE WANTS TO CUT SOCIAL SECURITY. (Simpson and Bowles are in DC now , like the SS vultures they are


Remember that Obama specifically and clearly said he would not cut the SS COLA, nor raise the retirement age.

Anonymous said...

chained CPI actually seems like a reasonable step in the right direction.

Note, beneficiaries will continue to get COLA's. However, actual government employees will continue to have their pay frozen (since 2010). How is this logical. Stop working, get annual raises. Keep working, live on a true fixed income.

Nice system.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:44pm: Chained cpi is opposed by most people since it harms peoples income over time as the US Dollar shrinks in buying power, if one gets a check from the SSA, the check is not exactly generous(unless one retired Rich or maybe well off) and the current cpi-w doesn't even keep up with the cost of living, most are in favor of cpi-e, as that is a more realistic solution and most are for increasing those fixed benefits by $80 a month.

Anonymous said...

People: Wake Up! We're being played!

Forget about the BS about not raising the debt ceiling. It's all fearmongering.

Here's the plan of these sick bastards:
They create an atmosphere of CHAOS and FEAR in the general public who are then hoodwinked into passively accepting cuts in Social Security and Medicare- in order to "Save the Country", Cuts w'ed never otherwise accept.

So, look what's happening. Government shutdow. Played up to the max in the media. It goes on and on- each day the fear builds as we head to the "much bigger" problem- the debt ceiling. As we head toward armehgedden(sp), we hear various people including Jack Lew, wall street etc., play up the disastrous consequences; it would be worse than the great depression, no Social Security checks- OH MY!!!

Ultimately, as we head toward Oct 17, Obama announces that, as a last ditch effort to save the country, he's reached a "deal" with republicans where Social Security and Medicare cuts are exchanged in a one-sided grand bargain to reopen the gov't and raise the debt ceiling.

PHEW, our fearless leader has saved the day- especially for those of us who don't need our full S.S. and Medicare benefits.

WOW! What a relief. It's finally over and the sky is still above us. Praise the Lord and Obama.