Oct 14, 2013

New Condition For Raising Debt Limit: Raise Social Security Retirement Age?

     I have a hard time believing this but BuzzFeed reports that Senator Rand Paul is saying that the retirement age for Social Security should be raised and that Republicans will make this a condition for raising the debt ceiling. Paul is thought to be a candidate for President in 2016. This sounds more like a report from The Onion.


Anonymous said...

The retirement age should be raised to 70 (full retirement, with early retirement option (62) retained).

Those people who cannot work until age 70 can still file for DIB and get full benefits (less any WC offset and reduction for prior entitlement to RIB).

Obama will cut SS benefits, I assure you. He hates the middle class and favors the poor.

Anonymous said...

Why does this surprise you? In a society that no has affordable (required) healthcare, people will be working longer. Additionally, education and sedentary jobs mean that people will be able to work until age 70.

Will there be people at the margins that suffer, of course. But for the majority of citizens this makes sense.