Oct 14, 2013

Scare Tactics Work -- To Some Extent

     From a press release:
Only 31 percent of American adults believe that Social Security will still be around when they retire, according to a new survey from FindLaw.com. ...
Not surprisingly, faith in Social Security rises as people get older. Only 11 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 24 expect Social Security to still be around when they retire, But even among middle-aged people, less than one-third expect to receive Social Security checks.
18-24 yrs.
25-34 yrs.
35-44 yrs.
45-54 yrs.
55+ yrs.
     This shows that right wing efforts to scare people about the future of Social Security work, to some extent, but Social Security isn't going away. It won't even be changed in any significant way.


Anonymous said...

When did understanding math become a right wing issue?

Anonymous said...

I think it's good people are doudtful social security will be around for them. That way, when it actually is there, it can be what it was intended to be, a supplement to their retirement, not the sole source.

Anonymous said...

Social Security is broke. Disability fraud is rampant. ALJs loaf at home and cheat on time and attendance. I sincerely doubt SS will be there when younger people retire.

anonymous1 said...

Scare tactics seem to work pretty well. A fake, caving democrat in the WH may work even better.

Here's a fill-in-the-blank question for you; actually more like a progression:


What will Obama do in the 11th hour if Rethugs don't back down? All we have to go on is his past behavior.

He can:
a. Use the 14th amendment
c. default

Lets assume he's not actually planning a default. That leaves 2 choices.

use 14th amendment. Rethugs would definitely try to have him impeached.
And the effects on the stability of U.S. treasuries is not knowable. If he won't do this it leaves:

THE MOTHER OF ALL CAVES. This is where Obama sells his (and the country's) soul. Social Security gutted and privatized, Medicare voucherized, rest of safety net trashed. Leads to more extorsion, more caving, more concessions until every last democratic ideal and achievement is trashed.

What would you say about a president that repeatedly caves? Maybe he likes to cave, i.e. that's just his nature. Or maybe he's just a guy who just wants to be reasonable, you know, he just likes to negotiate. Maybe he's just weak. Why else would he keep caving and caving???

B E C A U S E. H E. I S. O N. T H E.

O T H E R . S I D E.

The president is a fraud, a con man, an imposter, a pawn as in a manchurian candidate. OR. OR. OR


This country is so screwed. The end.

Anonymous said...

It may simply reflect the inability of children to imagine a world where they will be old.

Anonymous said...

They can fix Social Security by raising the retirement age to 68 or 70, sending SSI back to the states and letting DOJ take care of any discrimination/unfairness and using hearing officers who are required to follow law and policy rather than ALJs who routinely pay down the backlog.

Anonymous said...

3:18 is either a "paralegal" who never got group sup or a regular attorney advisor with a lot of years who never made either Senior Attorney or ALJ. Poor little guy, lol.

I love reading what is essentially the same comment "loaf at home," "cheat on time and attendance."

You've heard Sklar--if you know about time sheet games, report it to your regional office or OIG. That's likely a felony, what with falsifying gov't documents and all (that's what our time sheets say, at least). Quit whining about it here and posting the same comment over and over again.