Oct 7, 2013

Senate Hearing At 3:00

     The Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs hearing on Social Security disability benefits is to start at 3:00 EDT. It will be televised on C-SPAN 3. That will be both a cable and a streaming video feed.

    Update: It's not on C-SPAN -- they changed their minds about broadcasting it --  but it can be watched on the Committee website.


Anonymous said...

Last night's 60 Minutes' was a puff-piece for Coburn's hearing today.

Anonymous said...

Why are they conducting any hearing except one related to re-opeing the government?????

Anonymous said...

Social Security in danger.

Folks- I think some potentially real bad news is coming.

The Chained CPI is mainly a longer term solution for the gov't to reduce spending on the program. The problem for the feds is that it does not address shortfalls which have been close to $50billion per year over the past few years. So, I'm thinking these crooks may actually propose immediate cuts to current and future payouts. And I pray that I'm wrong.

These shortfalls are no surprise, just like the boomers retirements are no surprise. The S.S. trust fund was set up to deal with the exact situation the feds now find themselves in. But as we all know, they borrowed and spent the whole $2.7trillion.

For the life of me, I don't know why we are not assembling in front of the White House over this.

If and when laws are passed thay cut SS payments, they are in effect telling us that the SS trust fund was confiscated to pay for lowered tax rates on the rich, wars and thousans of pork project. Anotherwords- screw you to seniors and the disabled.

As I say, I pray these fools don't actually cut SS. My guess however is that many who voted for Obama are soon going to regret it, if they don't already.

Anonymous said...

I'm watching the hearing on the main C-Span channel (3:06 PM CT).

Anonymous said...

Would you rather be slowly screwed or rapidly screwed? When I threw my first bail of hay for 25 cents an hour at age 14, I began paying into Social Security. I was told I could retire at 65 and draw my Social Security. Somewhere along the way, it became 65 and 1/2.. My friends had to become 66. That is not what we signed up for. Once they realized we were so dumb, they decided to give it to us big time and pissed away the trust fund... yeah, let's give foreign aid to 185 countries, our own people don't need it, after all, it's only their money..

Anonymous said...

I'm still watching it on C-Span on TV at 5:45 ET.

Anonymous said...

I watched the hearing at 12:00 pm PT. The senators asked the right questions. I didn't imagine all the shenanigans that ODAR allows after all. Retaliation and intimidation is encouraged at ODAR's to prevent oversight. But how the incredible number of favorable decisions by one judge using one firm for so long that never could have been less than glaringly obvious is stunning, even for ODAR.

I'm not sure exactly what San Diego was so intent upon hiding but they were equally secretive and vigilant to prevent even a glimmer of sunlight, especially after an article appeared in the San Diego Union Tribune on 7/20/09 about the unanimous petition of the judges there to remove the HOCALJ. The petition failed and he stayed until the end of 2012 it seems. Similarly San Diego's ODAR has been allowed to be about the least productive ODAR for years with no shakeup, keeping the same HOD and HOCALJ for at least ten more years. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

ALJ Daugherty was a no-show. Any info on that?