Aug 19, 2009

Michael Jackson And His Mother And Social Security

From the Entitled to Know blog for July 27:
Chances are Katherine Jackson never imagined Social Security would be her only source of income. But truth be told…that’s probably the case for countless other Americans, rich and poor, who face retirement in a much different fiscal situation then they had dreamed. That’s why these short references buried in all the recent coverage of Michael Jackson’s death really caught our attention:

“Lawyers for the estate wrote: ‘We are informed that Mrs. Jackson was also financially dependent upon Michael Jackson and that other than extremely modest social security benefits, Mrs. Jackson has no independent means of support.’… Jackson’s children will receive Social Security benefits, which have been applied for but payments have not yet started. Their monthly stipends from the estate may be reduced, depending on much money they receive from Social Security, the filings state.”

Sounds like Mrs. Jackson might qualify for parent's benefits. I wonder if she has applied.


Nancy Ortiz said...

It's certainly possible she is eligible. I wonder if CR's routinely work leads for benefits like parents' and adopted grandchildren's benes these days. Sounds like she could benefit by having even a few more dollars. Just like a lot of elderly women and men who are widowed or no longer married. What about divorced wife's benes, now that I think about it. Sounds like the Jacksons were as haphazard with this stuff as with the rest of it. How sad.

Anonymous said...

Micheal Jackson??? Did he die?