Aug 30, 2009

Where Are The Grownups?

From the Wisconsin State Journal:

State officials are considering furloughing some 200 workers who determine Social Security benefits for the disabled at the same time they are forcing those employees to work costlier overtime hours.

To help close a gaping budget hole, the state is furloughing almost all of its employees, including the workers who help decide who can claim federal disability payments, even though furloughing those workers won’t actually save money because they’re paid by the federal government. ...


Anonymous said...

I don't want to sound like some kind of nut, but governments at all levels have gone mad. The people have to do something, but darned if I know what can be done--the politicians have the deck stacked against us. A poll this morning says that 57 percent of the public would replace the entire Congress--count me in. THAT would be change I could believe in. And I live in NY State--thrown them all out, too.

Nancy Ortiz said...

The states have apparently abandoned thought as a means to reaching decisions. Perhaps this is the result of feeling that even their own governments' employees are somehow, through unjustifiably high pay and good benefits, solely responsible for their budget woes. Right. Someone here said earlier that the DDS's should be federalized. It'll never happen, but it's the only way out of this mess. NO

Anonymous said...

"A poll this morning says that 57 percent of the public would replace the entire Congress"

With what? You replace a Democrat or Republican, and all you get is some hack from the other party.

We need a viable third party that listens to the American public.

No more bale outs, secure borders, government spending brought under control and private health insurance maintained.