Sep 19, 2011

The Embarrassment Continues

From The Oregonian last October:
A federal magistrate on Wednesday ordered Social Security lawyer Daniel A. Bernath to undergo anger management counseling after an altercation with a judge on a downtown Portland elevator last spring.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul J. Papak found Bernath guilty of disorderly conduct for the March 31 dust-up with Dan R. Hyatt, a judge in Social Security's disability hearing office.

Papak dressed Bernath down for his behavior -- such as lampooning Hyatt on his web site as a Ku Klux Klansman and behaving like a pre-schooler fighting for a swing -- and said officers of the court are expected to treat judges with respect.

"This trial," said Papak, "is an embarrassment, in my mind."

The tiff on the lift climaxed a three-year war of words between Bernath, of Tigard, who represents clients in disability cases, and Hyatt, one of the judges who hears those claims at the Portland hearing office. Their squabbles -- which include dueling bar complaints, claims of slander and a $10 million lawsuit -- were chronicled in a July story in The Oregonian.
Bernath has not given up. See the video below.


Anonymous said...

this story is misleading, it calls a "Social Security lawyer" lawyer. By including social security in CAPS, this indicates the Social Security Administration. However, as indicated much later in the article, Bernath is actually a private attorney who represents clients seeking Social Security benefits...and does not actually work for the Social Security Administration.

Anonymous said...

This is just the latest development in an ongoing saga. The attorney's website is, by a wide margin, the most appalling website I have ever seen from a lawyer. This issue long ago stopped being funny and has become, as Charles says, an embarrassment. Regardless of any provocation by the ALJ involved, the fact that the California Bar is o.k. with this website (and it is inconceivable they are unaware of it) is also an embarrassment to the California Bar.

Anonymous said...

Misinformation again. This guy is a lawyer. He does not work for Social Security. If you are going to tell a story get the story right.

Anonymous said...

Attorney ads are among the most misleading use of media around. IMHO, the Supremes made a big mistake allowing them to advertise. The underinformed among us go to TV to find a lawyer rather than the local bar association referral service. Be careful what you wish for. These clowns cast a pall on the whole profession.

Anonymous said...

This goes beyond misleading. It borders on libelous and I think it is beneath you, David, and Social Security News to be contributing to Mr. Bernath's pathological crusade. He alienated claimant's representative, ALJs, ODAR staff, and treated numerous clients unethically before SSA finally disqualified him as a representative. I don't think calling this kind of attack satire excuses the intended evil. An ethical site would not maintain the link to this unethical posting. I strongly suggest you remove this posting without delay.

Anonymous said...

are you kidding 9:31? someone needs to shed the light of day on these abusive reps so prospective claimants stay far away from them. exposing bernath's bizarre behavior is an absolute service to the public.

Anonymous said...

C140740RO Restraining Order against Dan R. Hyatt


Dan R. Hyatt If you are arrested for violating this order, the security amount (bail) is $50,000, unless a different amount is ordered by the court. Dan R. Hyatt Violation of this order constitutes a contempt of court and is punishable by a fine of up to $500 or one percent of your annual gross income, whichever is greater, a jail term of up to six months, or both. Dan R. Hyatt Other sanctions may be imposed.

Dan R. Hyatt Firearms Prohibitions Federal

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Notice to Dan R. Hyatt

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a. the protected person d.a. Bernath is and has been abused by respondent Dan R. Hyatt as defined by ORS 124.005;

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Anonymous said...

"Judge" Dan R Hyatt attacks two more people at SS Court Oregon hearing examiner
"Judge" Dan R. Hyatt suspended for "touching buttocks of two women at SSA Court

garconniere:"Judge" Dan R. Hyatt suspended by Social Security Administration for attacking two more people at SS Court. 4 years ago, he attacked a lawyer on crutches using his chest to strike the lawyer twice.
This time, Dan R. Hyatt used his hand and smartly slapped two female coworkers on the fanny at ODAR in Portland Oregon.
In March 2014, another restraining order was issued against him by a Washington County Court in Oregon.
Now, the Court for federal workers says, "On June 12, 2013 [Social Security Administration] proposed to suspend Dan R. Hyatt for "touching two female coworkers on "Several separate occasions."
Dan R. Hyatt did not contest the facts nor the proposed punishment of 2 days suspension. Recently, his appeal to overturn the default judgment against him for buttock touching was denied.

Reb said...

Bernasty was disbarred in California..asswipe is now a fart in the wind