Sep 15, 2011

Scare Tactics Work But Not Nearly Enough To Threaten Social Security's Existence

From a CNN/ORC poll:
Please tell me which of the following statements comes closest to your opinion about the Social Security program: (READ IN ORDER)
The Social Security program has no serious problems, certainly none that require changing the current system 4%
Social Security has minor problems that can be fixed with minor changes to the current system 28%
Social Security's problems are serious and can be fixed only with major changes to the current system 55%
Social Security's problems are so bad that the system should be replaced 12%
No opinion 1%

The Social Security system has been described as a "monstrous lie" and as a failure. Do you think those phrases are an accurate description of the Social Security system, or don't you think so?
Accurate 27%
Not accurate 72%
No opinion 1%

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